"Accommodation" Check-in 3pm Check-out 10am
"Koryo Onsen" Business Hours Koryo Onsen all year round-
Weekdays and public holidays 15:00 to 21:00 pm(Acceptance end 20:30)
Saturday / Sunday 6:00 am to 21:00 am(Acceptance end 20:30)


About correspondence of this facility with coronavirus infectious disease spread

Thank you for using the Kunibiki.

Kunibiki, we are further strengthening safety measures so that our customers can stay with peace of mind, and we recommend installing alcohol disinfectants, installing splash prevention guards, and contactless payment.We ask our customers for their cooperation in safety measures such as wearing a mask, disinfecting fingers when entering the store, and measuring the temperature.

①【Cleaning, disinfection and ventilation in the facility】
・Regular cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of common facilities such as front desks, elevators, dining venues, etc.
・Installation of antiseptic solution for hand disinfection in multiple places such as common space
・Installed ozone generator "Airfino"
・Rental of humidifying streamer air purifier to guest room
②【About customers】
・Checking the identities of all and temperature measurement at check-in
・Request for cooperation in wearing masks in common spaces, washing hands and disinfecting fingers
③【Infection prevention measures in this facility】
・Regarding shared facilities such as baths and restaurants, limit the number of users and time, and secure sufficient space
・Measures such as providing individual meals and avoiding sharing tongs and chopsticks
④【Measures for employees】
・Temperature measurement when employees go to work,Daily physical condition management
・Wearing a mask while working
・Public announcement of the above initiatives(Posting on the website, front desk, etc.)

We will continue to strive to provide safer and more secure spaces and services.

Your Shimane Campaign (including WeLove Sanin) By the end of June in all 9 prefectures!

  • Your Shimane Campaign (including WeLove Sanin) By the end of June in all 9 prefectures!

    【Period】-Until staying on Thursday, June 30, 4th year of Reiwa

    【Eligible】Tottori, Okayama, Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime, Kochi, Shimane citizens

    *If you are not a Shimane citizen, you will need a certificate of vaccination with 3 vaccines or a negative certificate.

    For details, please check the dedicated site at the bottom right.

【Shimane Premium Food and Beverage Ticket】Sale!

  • Kunibiki is a member store of "Shimane Premium Food and Beverage Ticket"!

    Kunibiki is a member of "Shimane Premium Food and Beverage Ticket"!
    It can also be used for banquet payments and catered lunch payments.

    【Sales period】 
    April 20, 4th (Wednesday) -September 30th, 4th year of Reiwa(Friday)

    【usage period】 
    April 27, 4th (Wednesday) -October 31, 4th, Reiwa(Monday)

    *Meal tickets with separated stubs cannot be used.
    *There is no change.
    *Refunds are not possible.

We Love Sanin Campaign For people living in Tottori Prefecture!

  • We Love Sanin Campaign Expanded scope!

    Expanded coverage of We Love Sanin campaign!
     *From May 11th (Wednesday) to May 31st (Tuesday)

    【Period】From May 11th (Wednesday), 3rd year of Reiwa to Tuesday, May 31st, 4th year of Reiwa
     ●Those who live in Tottori prefecture are also eligible for the campaign.
      *Depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection, we may review the implementation of the campaign.
     *You will need to show your place of residence at check-in, a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test certificate.

    For details, please see the dedicated site at the bottom right.

【Shimanekko coupon】Extension of distribution period and expansion of target!

  • 【Shimanekko coupon】It is a facility to be used

    The distribution period for Shimanekko coupons has also been extended!
    *GW period Excluding April 29th to May 8th

    (1) Available period:October 1, 1st (Friday), 3rd year of Reiwa-June 1st, 4th year of Reiwa(Wednesday)

    (2) Distribution target area:Shimane Tottori

    (3) Expiration date:For accommodation, from check-in date to check-out date
    *For day trips, the day of the trip

    For other details, please check the dedicated site at the bottom right.

Kunibiki app

  • Kunibiki app is now available!

    Kunibiki has a dedicated app!

    For Android customers, Google Play Store,
    For iPhone customers, visit the App Store
    You can download it from the link below!

    【App member benefits】
    ・For customers using one-day hot springs, fill up with 10 stamps
     Half-price bathing fee once!
    ・The 26th of every month is the 26th (bath) day, and the bathing fee is free for app members!

     Let's download!

Go To Travel Campaign

  • About campaign exemption period

    Handling of Go To Travel Business related to nationwide travel accompanying a state of emergency
    Due to the decision to extend the state of emergency, the GoTo Travel business is exempted nationwide. 
    We'll let you know when the GoTo Travel Campaign resumes in the future.

    *You can connect to the dedicated site from the banner on the left
  • 【GoTo Travel Campaign】

    This facility is eligible for the "GoTo Travel Campaign" discount.

    After booking the target plan from this Official website,
    STAYNAVI"STAYNAVI" service and
    Please complete the GoTo campaign discount procedure.
    After issuing the coupon, it was issued with "STAYNAVI" at the front desk when you visited the museum.
    By presenting the discount coupon number for the GoTo Travel Campaign
    Discount is applied.

    *The banner on the left STAYNAVI to "STAYNAVI".
  • A facility where you can distribute and use "regional coupons"

    ・At check-in, 15% of the travel price will be distributed as a regional coupon.
    (If a fraction less than 1,000 yen is generated, it will be rounded off (1,000 yen will be given if the fraction is 500 yen or more).)
    ・It can be used only during the travel period in the destination prefecture + adjacent prefectures.
    ・There are two types of coupons, paper coupons and electronic coupons, and no change is given.
    (Kunibiki only Kunibiki paper coupons)

    *Click the coupon sample on the left to connect to the dedicated site

Booking.com Traveller Review Awards 2021

  • Booking.com awarded the Booking.com Traveler Review Awards 2021.

    We are pleased to announce the Booking.com Traveler Awards 2021!
    We are grateful to the reviews of our guests who stayed at this facility during this corona disaster.
    It is still difficult to go out, but all the staff are waiting for the days when we can meet many customers!
    From now on, we shall strive for good relations.

    # TravelerReviewAwards2021

We will answer your questions Q & A

  • AI will answer your questions

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    Hard to hear directly at the front desk...

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Recommended Plan

  • Kunibiki Celebration Plan

    Face to face, Shichigosan, longevity, birthday celebration ...
    Enjoy a memorable meeting with meals and various options.
    I will support you.
  • Kunibiki Party Plan

    For children's party, farewell party, etc ...
    For eating food buffet for children
    It is a plan with a soft drink.
  • Hot spring camp plan

    Recommended for clubs, club activities, study camps...
    Why not spend a relaxing time in a quiet environment with a good view?

    ・7,500 with half board(Tax included)
    + 1,500 yen can be changed to buffet and all-you-can-drink plan

    *Rental consultation on study room venue fees and equipment such as screens
    *Free banquet hall fees such as launch

    We also accept reservations for small groups.

    Please feel free to contact us!

Access Map

Google Map

Hotel Name



1230 Nibu, Koryo Town, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture

Telephone number



5 minutes by taxi from Sanin Main Line Konan Station, 6 km from Sanin Expressway Izumo IC to National Route 9 toward Oda

Pick-up available (conditions)
Depending on the reservation status, it may not be accepted
Please ask

Parking: Yes (Free)
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